OCT 8, 15, 22, 29, 2017

Let's shift with the seasons... happy, healthy, glowing and radiant with a 4 week group cleanse!
We will meet 4 Monday's from 6-8pm at my home studio.
Circles will include community time, detox diet support, cooking and recipes, fermentation, wellness goals for every week, accountability to follow thru and all the support needed to get this year started vibrantly!
Like working privately with your own health coach but with the added benefit of friendship and community!
$160. per person/ $300. per couple (non-refundable)
hosted by: Susan Duprey, certified holistic nutritionist, wellness coach, nutrition educator and Hatha yoga teacher specializing in prenatal yoga and Sanskrit mantra. Susan has led thousands of clients through cleanses and wellness programs shifting the way we approach "dieting" while remembering how to trust the self with food.
Cleanse Programming and Support also available for groups of friends, families or couples. Email for more info on how to get started!
Week 1: Dieting, Cleansing, Nutrition, Prana, Organic, GMO’s, Eating Locally and Seasonally- Juicing, Smoothies, Fasting.
Identifying YOUR perfect cleanse regimen. We will take time to look at your individual constitution, lifestyle, heritage and current goals and we will individualize your plan for YOU and your family. Not everyones cleanse will look the same. 
Week 2: Fermentation!! Kombucha, Kefir and Cultured Veggies! We will go over fermentation and why its important and how to do it. If you’d like to take home your own jar of cultured veggies, please bring $10. cash. Ill supply the organic produce, starter cultures and mason jars, you bring a cutting board and knife.
Week 3: Self-Care techniques, de-chemicalizing your home and beauty products. We will go through the house, room by room and look at what may be causing chemical build-up in your system and natural (and super inexpensive) alternatives.
Week 4: Back to life, Back to Reality! Ordering in restaurants, grocery shopping, transitioning back to regular eating and how/when to know its time to cleanse again and how to do it on your own. How to keep the cleanse “high” going and keep yourself feeling awesome!